Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Work Round 2

The second day of work has been completed and I think all are ready for a much needed break tomorrow. The weather was a bit hotter today but that did not prevent the SERVEants to continue to work hard. Worksites today included yardwork, painting, sorting clothes and books, and handing out food and water to those in need. The SERVEant are not only connecting with the people at the worksites but also reaching out to the community giving away their extra water and food to the homeless. The DC SERVE site is truly blessed to have so many wonderful people here this week.

Tomorrow the SERVEants will once again brave the metro system and head to the Mall downtown (no, not a shopping mall :) ...) to explore the monuments, museums, and other sites! There will be more updates to come on the day away tomorrow but for now here is a video of some pictures from today:

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