Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No...Not a Shopping Mall...

Sorry for the lack of a post from yesterday.  It was the second day of worksites and the groups were again split up and sent to many of the same sites (but each group went to a different site than they did before).  They all seemed to have a good time and came back with even more stories!

Today was the SERVants day away.  They all headed down to the National Mall (not a place to go shopping) taking the metro.  Many of the groups visited the memorials and monuments and some museums on the mall.  One group woke up early and went downtown before the rest of the SERVants to take a tour of the White House.  The group members agreed that getting up early was well worth it!  The rest of the groups opted to get some more sleep and just take pictures from the outside.  :)  From all the smiling faces on the pictures it seems that everybody had a great time exploring the Nation's Capital!

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