Monday, June 25, 2012

Round 1

Today was the first day that the SERVants went to worksites.  The ten groups worked at six different worksites in and around the city.  These sights were:

  • Food and Friends- Half of the SERVants made meals and the other half delivered the meals to people in the community with serious illnesses.  
  • Anacostia Watershed Society- The SERVants did clean up and restoration in areas around the Anacostia River
  • Pathway Homes- This is an organization that provides housing to mentally-ill adults.  The SERVants worked on restoring one of these homes.
  • Interfaith Works- SERVants sorted clothing for distribution to those in need.
  • Lamb Center- The Lamb Center is a homeless day center.  SERVants interacted with the individuals who came through the center and worked in the kitchen.
  • Heart of America- SERVants sorted books for this organization that distributes books to the poor and school libraries.  
  • Painting a porch of an elderly woman from the DCCRC
  • Distributing water to homeless individuals on the National Mall in downtown D.C. 
The SERVants came back with many wonderful stories to share from their day.  During the worship time tonight and before Pete spoke, everyone was given the opportunity to share ways they saw God working in their own or other people's lives.  Many people shared stories, especially those who had the chance to work with the homeless.  The group that went to the Lamb Center shared a story of how the girls in the group went to CVS and bought an emory board and nail polish and gave a couple very grateful women a manicure.  When they were gone the boys witnessed a fight that broke out at the center needing the police to be called.  The leader of the group talked about how this experience made what they heard in their presentation yesterday real for the SERVants.  Members of other groups talked about how much stopping and having conversations with homeless people on the mall really opened their eyes and blessed them.  The SERVants heard their stories while sharing their own.  One SERVant expressed what a wonderful experience it was for him to be able to pray with a homeless man.  While eating dinner at a table with some of the SERVants they all agreed they would sleep very well tonight, but had a really good beneficial time at their worksites.  

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