Monday, July 26, 2010

On a warm Monday morning, the work began. Despite the initial surprise regarding the early wake up time, the SERVEants were excited and anxious to split up into their respective small groups and start work at their work sites. While the power outages across DC and Silver Spring caused several sites to be temporarily out of commission, the small groups were able to improvise and pick up trees and bushes that had fallen down from the torrential storm the prior day.
Groups were spread throughout the DC metro area in a variety of different work sites. While being exposed to the diversity that the DC metro area offers, SERVEants worked in soup kitchens, sorted clothes for a teen pregnancy center, and harvested food on a farm for the needy.
After a long day of work, the participants were fed a hearty taco salad dinner, and listened to a sermon given by Gil Clelland, the SERVE speaker. With the first day over, participants are just beginning to undergo the spiritual growth and personal reevaluation of beliefs and opinions that SERVEants go through. Tomorrow, participants will be switching sites and traveling to new and different organizations so keep updated.
Yours in Christ,
The DC Serve Host Team.

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