Tuesday, July 27, 2010

War Zone

Greetings from the war zone. There is currently a fierce battle of U.S vs. Canada in capture the flag out in the fields. US wearing blue bandanas, Canada wearing red. Don't worry....pictures to come tomorrow.

Today was day 2 of worksites. Most of the power has been restored in the county surrounding the school so the commute was significantly easier than yesterday. All groups got to sites safely, and returned with stories and good experiences.

Enjoy the slideshow!


  1. We still don't have internet at home, but I had a few minutes this morning at work to get caught up on the blog. Thanks for keeping us updated and hooray for electricity!! :) Praying for another wonderful day for everyone.

  2. Enjoyed the photos, but it would be nice to see close-ups and stills of individuals. Earl

  3. Have not seen any new material sinceTuesday. Am I doing something wrong or are you not posting?