Sunday, July 25, 2010

The scorching sun had already touched down on Silver Spring when our SERVE members started their day. After being risen from their refreshing slumber, the SERVEants were brought together for a group picture in the cool shade before they were split up into two groups for two different host congregations. Those who went to the Silver Spring CRC were treated to a lovely potluck lunch after their early service while the lucky attendees of the DC CRC service were given a firsthand look at the diversity DC offers. After their respective services, both groups navigated the DC metro and successfully made it to the DC Zoo.

Upon entrance to the zoo, the SERVEants were split up into small groups and issued a challenge: to explore the zoo and complete an exciting and intricate scavenger hunt that takes each group through the winding paths and diverse exhibits of the zoo. However, the scavenger hunt was not the only adversary the SERVEants would face. A monster storm touched down mere miles away, tearing down tree branches, cutting power lines, but ultimately failing to dampen our SERVEants spirits. While the storm did delay SERVE's schedule, the groups managed to brave the storm and get back to the host church in time for a comfort food meal of ham, green beans, and mac-and-cheese.

After dinner the participants got their first taste of the SERVE trips speaker, Gil Clelland. Gil has already challenged the SERVEants to embrace the opportunity to connect with both their fellow SERVEants as well as to redefine their relationship with Jesus Christ and the Father. Service time was followed by free time and then it was off to bed. The kids begin their separate worksites tomorrow so wish us luck!

Yours in Christ,
The DC SERVE host team


  1. Great info. Keep up the news and photos. Especially of my Daughter Angela in the front row.
    God Bless
    Carla Pennings

  2. Thanks for the updates! Would love to see lots of photos!

    The Zantingh Clan