Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Preparation and Prayer

With the arrival of our SERVEants only a week away, the host team is brimming with excitement. Final preparations are being made to the heavily packed, and increadibly fun schedule. As the start date gets closer and closer, we continue to pray for safe travels, learning experiences, and most of all growth in Christ.

A few things about next week.....

- It is HOT in DC and we're not seeing any break in the temps next week. We'll supply water bottles at worksites but please bring your own if you have one! We'll have water coolers for gatorade at the outdoor worksites. Also please remember sunglasses, sunscreen and a bathing suit.

- If you have digital cameras, please bring them! We'd love to have at least one for each small group (10 groups) so we can document and post pictures for the family back home.

- If someone in your group has a GPS that you could borrow for the week, please bring it! DC can be tough to navigate and it would be really helpful to have per group.

- If you are under 18, you need to have the waivers signed for the worksites. Please bring them with you and we'll collect them when you arrive on site.

- Just a reminder to check your WELCOME LETTER for a list of things to pack!

We can't wait to see you all on Saturday!!!

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